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Specialist Procedures at Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital

Specialist Procedures at Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital include:

Ophthalmology: Gilabbey has offered a referral ophthalmology service for several years. We now routinely see patients from all over the South of Ireland. In addition to the routine ophthalmic examination techniques of close and distant direct ophthalmoscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, slit-lamp biomicroscopy and tonometry (rebound or applanation), other more advanced diagnostic techniques and ocular ultrasonography are in everyday use.

Neurology: We offer a complete neurology service headed by Shane Guerin and are happy to see cats and dogs with any neurological problems, including those referred for neuromuscular, spinal or brain diseases. Many patients with neurological conditions need prompt investigation and treatment, and we aim to see urgent neurological cases the same day where required. We are also happy to provide telephone advice to veterinary surgeons on the management of neurological cases.

We are now able to offer surgery and medical cases a full complement of treatments for problems such as:

    • Patent Ductus Arteriosus surgery
    • Pacemaker implantation (for electrical rhythm disturbances)
    • Pericardectomy
    • Pulmonic Stenosis treatment

Chemotherapy: The difference between veterinary and human oncology lies in the philosophy of treatment. At Gilabbey, we place the ultimate emphasis on quality of life with a very strong secondary emphasis on trying to “cure’ your pet of his or her disease.

Dermatology: Tom Conway is happy to see all types of dermatology cases and has particular interests in allergic skin diseases, bacterial skin diseases and otitis. We offer comprehensive skin allergy testing and where appropriate will supply and instruct on the use of allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT).

Physiotherapy: Rehabilitation is a non-invasive approach to improving function and is provided in a safe and controlled environment. It applies human physical therapy principles and techniques to the canine patient. The goal of physical rehabilitation is to maximize function by promoting a rapid recovery after injury or surgery and slowing down the progression of chronic

Benefits include:

  •  Accelerating tissue healing
  •  Restoring and maintaining joint range of motion
  •  Increasing muscle flexibility
  •  Building muscle mass to improve strength
  •  Decreasing swelling and inflammation
  •  Decreasing pain
  •  Improving endurance
  •  Improving balance
  •  Improving proprioception

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