Cardiology is a recent addition to our services and is fully supported by our other disciplines such as Diagnostic Imaging and internal medicine.

We offer many forms of cardio treatment, from simple blood pressure devices, ECG machines and monitors, to the latest high tech ultrasound system which is used in human cardiac hospitals. Strap-on heart rate monitors (Holters) to monitor the heart rhythm over several days can also be used. These help to diagnose the cause of collapse or intermittent weakness. High resolution x-ray machines are used to show fine lung detail not seen with ordinary machines. A range of endoscopes of all sizes are used to see up the nose of most pets, look inside the windpipe and down into the airways. If there is mucus or a foreign body – it will be found. Motion x-ray (fluoroscopy) is used to show if airways are collapsing. A ventilator is used during all anaesthetics, to maximise the safety of this for your pet.

We are now able to offer surgery and medical cases a full complement of treatments for problems such as:

    • Patent Ductus Arteriosus surgery
    • Pacemaker implantation (for electrical rhythm disturbances)
    • Pericardectomy
    • Pulmonic Stenosis treatment


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