Gilabbey offers a complete neurology service headed by Shane Guerin and is happy to see cats and dogs with any neurological problems, including those referred for neuromuscular, spinal or brain diseases.

Many patients with neurological conditions need prompt investigation and treatment, and we aim to see urgent neurological cases the same day where required. We are also happy to provide telephone advice to veterinary surgeons on the management of neurological cases.

Patients dealt with include those with:

    • Seizures and other paroxysmal diseases: e.g. movement disorders, narcolepsy-cataplexy.
    • Peripheral and central vestibular diseases:  inner ear disease, dizziness etc.
    • Cranial nerves deficits:  e.g. facial paralysis, trigeminal neuritis.
    • Inflammatory central nervous system diseases: meningitis, myelitis and encephalitis (brain inflammation).
    • Spinal diseases:  e.g. disc protrusion/extrusion (‘slipped disc’), syringomyelia, spinal malformations.
    • Neuromuscular diseases:  polyneuropathy (polyradiculoneuritis, endocrine neuropathy), junctionopathy (e.g. Myasthenia Gravis), myopathy (e.g. polymyositis, masticatory muscle myositis)
    • Neurological emergencies:  spinal trauma, head trauma and status epilepticus (severe seizures
      or fits).

Our highly trained support staff provides superb levels of nursing care for all our patients, including those referred for neurological problems. Neurological cases not infrequently require intensive veterinary and nursing care.

Surgical treatment provided includes treatment of spinal diseases (e.g. slipped discs in the neck and back, and injuries caused by trauma, such as spinal fractures) and brain disorders (e.g., brain tumour, brain abscess).

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