Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy

Rehabilitation (physiotherapy) is a non-invasive approach to improving function and is provided in a safe and controlled environment. It applies human physical therapy principles and techniques to the canine patient. The goal of physical rehabilitation is to maximize function by promoting a rapid recovery after injury or surgery and slowing down the progression of chronic

Benefits include:

  •  Accelerating tissue healing
  •  Restoring and maintaining joint range of motion
  •  Increasing muscle flexibility
  •  Building muscle mass to improve strength
  •  Decreasing swelling and inflammation
  •  Decreasing pain
  •  Improving endurance
  •  Improving balance
  •  Improving proprioception


Pet owners also benefit from physical therapy by:

  • Learning how to prevent injuries and complications
  • Learning how to appropriately manage acute and chronic conditions (neurologic dysfunction, chronic arthritis conditions, orthopaedic injuries, etc).


Please contact Deirdre, our Rehabilitation Therapist if you are interested in obtaining an appointment in the Rehabilitation Centre.

Tel: 087 1939654


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